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CTPA Seminar ‘Cosmetics Claims, What You Should Know Before Marketing and Advertising Cosmetics'


On 11 December 2018, CTPA will be holding a seminar for members and non-members on cosmetic claims providing attendees with guidance on a wide range of topics as well as relaunching the CTPA Guide to Advertising Claims with new sections and updated advice following the introduction of common criteria on cosmetic claims and the new Commission technical guidance that has a July 2019 implementation date.

The seminar will provide attendees with the latest UK, EU and International regulatory update on claims. Expert speakers from ASA, Clearcast as well as MHRA will cover the evolution of advertising rules in the digital era and borderline topics. Understanding the changing landscape is crucial for cosmetic companies. Some of the claims we are currently seeing on the market (e.g. ‘free from’) will have to be removed but this new landscape could also create future opportunities for industry innovations that meet consumers’ needs and usage trends.

The borderline session will provide information on the latest ECJ court cases and UK specific issues relating to eczema claims, nappy rash claims, use of testimonials and health related advice on websites. This event will also cover in detail the use of ‘free from’ claims, hypoallergenic, natural and organic claims (with further information on the ISO guidelines and International acceptance), to as well as sustainability and animal testing claims. The day will also include a practical overview of claims substantiation, study design and case study.

This important event is open to members and their advertising agencies/PR consultants and to non-members and is certain to sell-out fast so please complete the booking form and return it as soon as possible.